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Paco, the ultimate reward token with
real world value and utility

PACO stands out from other tokens by providing ultimate rewards and real-world value. Stake it, swap it or gamble it away. In addition there is an NFT marketplace. PACO holders can buy & sell NFT's and also earn passive income through revenue sharing.

Contract Address: 0xe1d0065c4cd16C14C539547bac404cA6F586b8ce


What Makes Us Different?

Token with utility

Who doesn't like digital currencies? They are convenient, with fast and international transactions. However, what sets our token apart is the addition of utility and real-world value. While other tokens may lack practical use, our token is designed with a strong focus on providing benefits and functionality.

Binance Blockchain?

Binance Chain, developed by Binance, offers key benefits for token creation. It is compatible with Ethereum's ERC-20 standard, allowing easy deployment of ERC-20 tokens as BEP-20 tokens on BSC. It has low transaction fees, high performance, a supportive ecosystem, integration with Binance exchange, decentralization, cross-chain compatibility, and enhanced security measures.


Yes, we will have engaging and immersive blockchain games that not only provide entertainment but also offer lucrative economic incentives to players. We aim to create a rewarding gaming experience where players can play both luck-based games as well as PvP games demanding concentration, skill, and brain power.

We Offer

hand with levitating Paco coins


Swap Paco

PACO token holders can utilize our swapping feature to trade their tokens for other cryptocurrencies or tokens available on our platform. Swap transactions contribute to the platform's revenue, and a portion of this revenue is distributed back to PACO token holders as passive income.


Stake Paco

Token holders can stake their PACO tokens to participate in our staking program. By doing so, they contribute to the security and stability of the network while earning rewards in the form of additional PACO tokens. These rewards are distributed proportionally based on the amount of tokens staked.


Play with Paco

Our platform offers interactive Player versus player (PvP) and luck-based games. By holding and staking PACO tokens on the platform, players become eligible to earn a portion of the platform's revenue. Stake your tokens, and unlock the opportunity to earn passive income based on the platform's net profits and the proportion of your staked paco tokens.


Paco NFT

The PACO platform features an NFT marketplace where users can buy and sell unique digital assets. Each transaction within the marketplace generates revenue from the fees paid by sellers and buyers, and a portion of this revenue is distributed to PACO token holders, providing them with passive income.


Profit Sharing

Unlock a world of profit sharing with PACO Token! By holding our token, you'll earn passive income from swap fees, NFT marketplace fees and Gaming activity. The revenue from each segment is distributed among token holders, ensuring everyone benefits from the platform's success. Join us and start earning with PACO today!

Meet The Team

paco de llama wallpaper Stroem, Paco CEO

Alexander Stroem

CO-Founder and CEO

Alexander is a visionary leader and seasoned executive with a remarkable history of transforming industries and driving organizational growth. As the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Paco, he orchestrates a harmonious balance between strategic vision and operational excellence.

paco de llama wallpaper Boris, Front End Developer

Borislav Evtimov

Front-End Developer

Borislav is a talented and innovative front-end developer with a passion for creating captivating digital experiences. With a solid foundation in web development and a creative flair, Borislav transforms designs into interactive, user-friendly interfaces that engage and inspire.

pacodellama wallpaper Sayem, Blockchain Developer

Sayem Abedin

Blockchain, Web3 Developer

Sayem is a passionate and skilled blockchain developer, renowned for his expertise in crafting secure and innovative decentralized solutions. With a profound understanding of blockchain technology's potential, Sayem is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of what's achievable in the digital landscape.


Join Us!


Growing Paco Plant

Phase 1

Paco Creation
Website Launch
White Paper Launch
1000 Holders

phase 2

Phase 2

Coingecko listing
Coinmarketcap listing
Marketing Campaign
5000 Holders

phase 3

Phase 3

NFT marketplace

Investors & Partners

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